3d kayak animation

Drag the image to animate it. It may take a few moments to load the images.

Here is a 3d version of my kayak courtesy of Google Sketchup. I modeled the kayak in Rhino (an interesting project) and brought it into Sketchup and exported this animation.

The kayak I decided upon is called the Cape Ann Expedition from One Ocean Kayaks.  The designer, Vaclav Stejskal, offers two versions of this kayak, a normal deck version and a high deck version for taller people.  I wanted the additional space of the high deck version, at least around the cockpit where some extra room for my knees would be nice, but I didn’t really need it anywhere else, so I decided upon a hybrid version which would be a compromise between the two.

I photographed the plans I bought from One Ocean and used that as a backdrop in Rhino (which is offering a free beta version for Mac users while it is in development) to make my lofting curves.  Once I had the curves, I lofted surfaces for both deck versions and then decided upon a transition between the two.  You can roughly see this in the animation.  While this looks cool and will provide me with some more space where I need it, I am not sure how much additional difficulty it will add during construction.  We’ll see…

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