Arches National Park – part 2

I went back to Arches Nat’l Park last night and again this morning. Last night for sunset, I went to Skyline Arch. I followed the officially marked trail and came to the front side of the arch which was near the top of a large vertical fin. There appeared no way to get to the arch itself, but there were people up there. I did some investigating and discovered a trail from the campgrounds that leads to the back side of the arch. It was too dark to go, but I decided to do it the following morning.

This morning I realized that it was the last day of my 7-day pass for the park (a steal for $10 btw) so I decided to go to Tower Arch which was on my list. The trailhead is down a 7-mile dirt road and is not signposted. I arrived at the parking area around 9 am and there was only one other vehicle there despite the rest of the park being crowded with weekend warriors. The trail led through some spectacular scenery and over several fins of sandstone and slickrock slopes until after about 2 miles it arrived at the arch itself which I found to be one of the more impressive ones in the park. There was a family there for about ten minutes after which I had the place to myself for the next half hour.

After lunch I went to the campgrounds and followed the unmarked (but well worn) trail to Skyline Arch and easily climbed into its bowels for an impressive view over the surrounding landscape. And that concludes my Arches experience unless I decide to return this evening for some more sunset shots…

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