Arches National Park

OK, so it’s been forever since my last post. I left Florida over a week ago after spending some time with James (my college room-mate) and his wife Tonya in Niceville. Three days of driving brought me to Moab, Utah. I arrived on the Saturday of Memorial weekend and found the place entirely devoid of accommodation of any sort, so I had to vacate to (relatively) nearby Green River for the weekend. Even so, I spent the days in Arches National Park, just three miles outside of Moab. It was packed with tourists (of the foreign and domestic varieties) but still utterly amazing. Sunday, I spent in the Devil’s Garden, home of the famous Landscape Arch (the longest in the US) and also some other arches and mind-blowing landscapes. I hiked there for the entire day and killed my knees in the process.

here’s a video showing some of the sandstone fins in this section:

Monday, I went to Park Avenue and famous Delicate Arch (it’s the one on the Utah license plates) in the evening.

Tuesday I spent in the Windows section of the park where the Double Arch, Turret Arch and North and South Window Arches reside.

Here is a time-lapse video of one of my drives out of the park. The views just from inside the car are pretty amazing.

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