Cheeky Mushrooms

Last night, I sealed the mushrooms with epoxy. This morning they were dry and ready to be installed. I had borrowed my brother-in-law’s 1 1/4″ forstner bit to drill the holes in the deck, but that choice didn’t prove to be a good one. With the curvature of the deck, it was impossible to keep the bit from “walking” which was something I wanted to avoid at all costs. Luckily, I caught it quickly and only ended up with one hole that was slightly larger than desired. Rather than risking it, I decided to buy a hole saw. The drill bit protruding in front of the hole saw was enough to keep the bit centered and the remaining holes came out nicely.

I mixed up some thickened epoxy and spread it on the each mushroom before installing it, being careful to align the rod in each one appropriately. Once the epoxy cures, I will sand each ‘shroom flush with the deck.

I also installed the cheek plates. I cut each one to size (6×6″ with a 1.5″ radius on the two bottom corners and a 1 x 1/4″ slot near one corner) and prepared the mounting location by rough sanding the fiberglass to ensure a good bond. I tacked each plate in place with hot glue and then made a large fillet of epoxy mixed with wood flour on the back side of each one. With the fillet still wet, I applied two layers of 4 oz cloth on the back side and one layer on the front and wetted them out with epoxy. I used tape to hold everything in position until the epoxy cures.

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