Crater Lake

I’ve been in Portland over a month now and haven’t posted anything about it yet. This post isn’t really about Portland either. Let’s just say, that in the month I’ve been here I managed to meet a pretty damn cool woman and the two of us decided to leave the city for a four day weekend of backpacking in southern Oregon at Crater Lake National Park.

The weather was perfect – sunny the whole time except for a twenty minute light rain. The nights were cool since we were camping at around 7000 feet, but the days were warm. The mosquitoes and biting flies were irritating, but we didn’t let them stop us from bathing in the frigid stream waters and drying off in the sun. Cindy made some amazing gourmet dinners that were remarkably easy to prepare and we even lugged a few bottles of wine with us which we enjoyed immensely by the camp fire in our woodland solitude.

We hiked a total of 41 miles (according to Cindy’s calculations) over the four days, probably about half with our backpacks and half as day hikes which included climbing Mt. Summit which had amazing views over the surrounding area, but unfortunately, not of the lake itself.

On our last day, we drove around to the east side of the lake and did a few short hikes to a waterfall and the Needles section of the park which had some cool formations much like the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon or Cappadocia. We stopped at a brew pub in Eugene for dinner on our way back to Portland. All in all it was a great weekend.

A 360 degree panorama of the view from Mt. Union. And yes, Cindy is in the photo twice – she is magic.

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