Cutting the stations

Once my plans arrived, I set off for my sister Deb’s house in Ohio. Russ, my brother-in-law, has a nice workshop in the basement and a band-saw that I knew I would need. Vaclav Stejskal of One Ocean Kayaks provides full size plans so there is no need to piece the station profiles together. It was just a matter of using spray adhesive to attach the station profiles to the plywood and then using a scroll saw and band saw to cut them out.

The shape of the kayak really starts to become obvious.

Here I am drilling holes in order to cut the square openings that allow the stations to slide onto the strong-back. (video courtesy of my sister Deb.)

Here I am planing the internal stem piece for the bow. This is a piece of wood that will remain in the bow of the kayak that the strips will be glued to. It defines the sharp leading edge of the kayak. There is a similar piece in the stern. (video courtesy of my brother-in-law Russ.)

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