Deck varnish

This morning, I flipped the kayak over and used a tack cloth on the deck surface and then proceeded to varnish the deck. I avoided having any “non-wet” edges by working both sides of the cockpit alternately. It worked, but I had to rush it a bit and I ended up with a few runs. I think in the future I will have a joint along one of my feature lines, thus allowing me to do one half at a time like the hull. Maybe my final coat I will try to do with no joints again.

This evening, the deck had dried enough for me to flip it back over to do the second coat on the hull. I wet sanded the hull using my orbital sander plugged into a GFCI outlet to avoid shocking myself (note, I do not advise doing this yourself unless you know what you are doing.) I used a spray bottle to wet down the surface while sanding. I found the orbital to be a bit hard to control, however, so I think in the future I will just hand sand. The amount of sanding is minimal anyway, so it wouldn’t take that much longer.

Once sanded, I rinsed the residue off with water and dried the surface using a towel and then a clean cloth. I applied another coat of varnish using the same method as my first coat yesterday. This will be my routine for the next few days – varnish the deck in the morning and the hull in the evening…

Time-lapse video of deck being varnished:

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