End pour anyone?

Today, I trimmed the first outside deck/hull tape joint. I’d let the epoxy cure too long, so it wasn’t the easiest going, but I managed. After that, I flipped the kayak over and prepped for the second joint. After that one dried a couple of hours, but was still soft, I trimmed it, a much easier task.

The next step was the end pour. I enlisted my room mate Chris to help me carry the kayak outside. We found a suitable spot and propped it up on end and secured it in place. I mixed up some epoxy with some small bits of foam to lighten up the pour and then lowered it in a cup into the end and dumped it. This should add some strength in the end where I couldn’t get the inside tape to go. Tomorrow I will do the other end.

That done, I decided to bond the paddle blades to the shaft. I did so with some thickened epoxy. Once that had setup, I applied some fillets around that joint to allow the last layer of carbon fiber to conform to the back of the blade and weld everything together. Once the fillets cure, I’ll have to sand them smooth before putting on the carbon. The heft of the paddle feels pretty good right now. There will be a little bit more weight once she is done, but I think she’ll still be pretty light.

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