Fiber-glassing the deck interior

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog. I was on vacation with my family for most of that time, which was wonderful. Since the last posting, I finished sanding the coaming lip and then sanded the interior of the kayak deck which took two days (my back could only handle four to five hours of sanding at a time.) Yesterday, I sealed the interior with epoxy and let it dry overnight. This morning it was tack-free and ready to go at last.

The first step was using epoxy thickened with wood flour (to a peanut butter consistency) to fill in any gaps and to make nice fillets in the corners so that the ‘glass will adhere nicely. Then I smoothed the glass into place. The fillets of wet epoxy served to temporarily hold the ‘glass in place while adjusting. I then rolled on normal epoxy with a foam roller and squeegeed the excess epoxy off. I did the front half of the kayak first and then proceeded to the rear. I am using an expedition style lay-up with one full layer of 4 oz cloth reinforced with a second layer around the cockpit area. I will follow up with a third narrow strip around the cockpit opening.

The following time-lapse video is sped up 20x. You’ll notice some jumps in the video. My camera will only allow 20 minutes of video at a time and I was remiss in keeping track of it. I also ran out of batteries before I finished the ‘glassing, but you can see most of it.

I took a video of a walk-around of the finished deck interior. You can see the overlaps of the ‘glass. Since it is the interior, I wasn’t so worried about the appearance. The Darth Vader-like breathing is from my respirator.

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