Glass shaft

Today, I finished sanding the paddle shaft and sealed it with a coat of resin. While that was drying, I prepped the first of two outside deck/hull joints. I sanded the joint area smooth and then filled any gaps with a mixture of epoxy and wood flour with a little colloidal silica thrown in for good measure (mostly to adjust the color.) I wiped off any excess and then taped off the joint area and proceeded to ‘glass it with bias cut cloth. I made sure to have the ragged edge fall onto the tape so I can easily trim it later.

Once the paddle shaft was dry, I lightly sanded it and then sheathed it with bi-axial fiber-glass sheathing. This stuff is great, it expands to accommodate a variety of diameters. I purposely chose a size larger than I needed to make the fibers oriented closer to axial which will provide more strength. The ‘glass was supposed to be about 6 oz. but it seems much heavier and took a lot of resin to wet out. I used a gloved hand to squeegee the excess resin out of the weave.

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