‘Glassing the coaming

Once the glue dried on the coaming, it was time to remove any hot-glue and then sand the outer surface to prepare for the fiber-glass. My helper and I used sanding blocks to fair out the outside and also rough up about two inches of the adjacent fiber-glass on the deck to ensure the new ‘glass would adhere properly.

Remembering a great tip I had found somewhere on the internet, I decided to mask off the area to be ‘glassed. We did it with two layers of tape, one wide layer followed by a narrow more flexible layer (electrical tape) to allow for a smoother curve. You will want at least two inches of masked off area to allow for drips and the ragged edge of the fiber-glass to lay on.

Once the area was masked off, we started laying the ‘glass. I followed Nick Schade’s advice in his book about how to make a nice fillet in the corner. I mixed up some epoxy and added some filler to make it thicker – close to peanut butter consistency. I put a nice bead in the corner and then laid in a bundle of 15-20 glass strands we pulled from some 9 oz cloth. That was followed by a one inch bias cut strip centered on the corner and finally with a three inch bias strip over top of it all. We made sure to have the edge of the last layer fall in the middle of the tape and then wetted it out with resin and used a squeegee to remove the excess resin. About five hours later, before the resin cured completely, I used a sharp knife to cut through the layer right at the boundary of the tape (see video above.) We then used the tape to help pull off the excess. This provides a nice neat edge for the fiber-glass that I will later feather with sand-paper and then apply another coat or two of epoxy to fill the weave.

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