‘Glassing the cockpit coaming

So today I ‘glassed the cockpit coaming. The deck interior was tack-free this morning, so I trimmed the excess fiber-glass around the perimeter and then sanded it smooth. I took extra care around the cockpit, making sure to have a smooth radius on the transition from deck to coaming. Then I used a tack cloth to remove any dust and proceeded to mask off the area I was going to ‘glass (see my previous post about using masking to make a nice transition between fiber-glass layers.) I only masked off the exterior deck surface since I am not so worried about what the interior looks like. You can see the masking in the video below.

With the masking in place, I cut some 4 oz cloth on a bias about four inches wide. I also cut some pieces for the top of the thigh (or knee) braces. I first put the small pieces in place and wetted them out and then proceeded to place the large bias-cut piece. I discovered that it is easier to work with these loose pieces if you first coat the bare wood (or previous layer of ‘glass) with epoxy. Then the dry ‘glass will stick to the epoxy, temporarily holding it in place. The bias-cut cloth magically conformed to the compound curvature and was able to wrap completely around the coaming lip. I did have to cut it in the front to conform around the thigh-braces, however.

Once the epoxy dried a few hours, but hadn’t completely cured, I trimmed around the masked area and end up with a nice clean transition underneath the coaming lip.

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