Guerrero Negro

I finally got a chance to see some gray whales in the Laguna Ojo de Liebre near Guerrero Negro. I had tried in both Magdalena Bay and the Laguna de San Ignacio, but it was too early in the season. Here in the laguna, we saw perhaps a dozen different whales, including several mothers with babies. A few of them got quite close to the boat (within a few meters,) but we didn’t get a chance to touch the babies as you are able to do later in the season. It was still a great experience to be that close to a huge animal. We even saw some breaching.

Mother California Gray whale and calf coming up for air amidst a pod of dolphins.


A California Gray whale breaching in the distance.


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    1. Hey, thanks! It was pretty special – I hope to do it again sometime. I just arrived in Trinidad last night and so far it’s great. Enjoy the rest of your time in Mexico…


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