Hull interior faired and carbon blade

I finally (after three days) finished fairing the hull interior and filled some of the gaps and low spots with thickened epoxy. Tomorrow I will sand it once more to even out the filler and then I will be ready to ‘glass it.

I also sanded the epoxy on my paddle blade form and applied three coats of mold release wax and polished it to a hard finish. I masked off the perimeter (to prevent epoxy drips from bonding the carbon-fiber to my mold) and then layed up two layers of 6 oz carbon-fiber and wetted them out with epoxy. Compared to fiber-glass, it is not as easy to tell when the carbon-fiber is properly wet out. I ended up putting on more epoxy than I needed and squeegeeing it off. Once the epoxy had set a couple of hours, I applied a filler coat. Tomorrow, I will de-mold the blade and then trim it to size and then do the other blade.

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