Installing the second strip

The second strip is glued to the first strip and hot glued to the stations.  The hot glue holds it in place while the normal glue dries.  You only need a small drop to hold sufficiently. Make sure to use glue sticks made for wood. I found mine online at I ordered two of the sampler packs which I think will be more than enough (note – it did prove to be more than enough – I still have a few left over.)

In between stations, it is necessary to clamp or tape the strips together for a tight joint.  I found fiber reinforced packing tape works quite well.  I cut a 2″ roll into thirds (width-wise) to save on tape.

The second strip fits against the shear strip pretty well without any planing since there is very little curvature in the stations at this point.

See the videos below for details on the gluing/hot-gluing process…

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