Left side of deck finished!!!

I had a busy day today and worked until the left side of the deck was done. Getting the stripes in front of and behind the cockpit opening to match was tricky, but it worked out fine in the end due mostly to luck. The last piece needed to be twisted into place, so I am going to leave the clamps and tape on until tomorrow to make sure the glue is good and dry.

I’ve included some some photos showing the technique I’ve been using to split cedar strips into three pin-stripes without the aid of a band-saw (which would make it much easier.) I hold the strip in the vise and use a hand-saw to cut 3-4″ cuts at a time and then reposition the strip in the vise and cut again ad infinitum (or at least until the strip is done.) The cedar has a tendency to split ahead of the saw blade, so you have to be careful. I didn’t bother measuring, just estimated the cuts. Even with the saw kerf, each pin-stripe comes out a little heavier than the needed 3/16″, so after gluing it to a piece of palownia, I block plane it flush with the surface. This makes it easier to know when it is properly aligned with an installed piece when gluing it in place.

I’ve also included photo of a technique I use to apply extra force to a strip. I place a scrap of wood under the tape to provide tension. When applying a lot of force in this kind of tape, you need to make it pretty long and it needs a convex surface to wrap around in order to adhere. Using spring clamps or clothes-pins to hold the ends of the tape works great.

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