Making the coaming

With the deck ‘glassed and one additional layer of epoxy on to fill the weave, I trimmed the excess ‘glass around the perimeter and the cockpit opening and sanded it smooth. My next task was the cockpit coaming, the short wall that surrounds the cockpit opening and to which the lip will attach.

I had a very helpful assistant for this task which made it much more pleasant and faster. We used alternating strips of paulownia and cedar. Using hot glue to attach the strips to the edge of the cockpit opening and wood glue between the strips, We started from the center of the cockpit in the front and worked back along one side until about the middle. We then started from the center of the rear of the cockpit and worked forward, slowly closing the gap. The final space was slightly larger than one strip, so I used two narrower strips that tapered into the gap.

The cockpit is keyhole shaped. The two lobes in the front are going to be where the thigh braces will be installed. Naturally, a spray skirt would not attach very well to a lip with this same shape, so the coaming (and the lip) will depart from the edge of the opening where the lobes are, in order to make a smooth egg-shape. I tacked on a thin flexible strip of cedar using hot-glue to make a guide for the strips that would not be attached to the edge of the opening (see photos.) Those strips were trimmed to sit flush with the deck surface.

We then repeated the same steps for the other side.

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