Maya got wet

This afternoon, I flipped Maya end for end and did the other end pour. Shortly after that, it started to rain, so she got wet for the first time without me. I guess she is even more anxious than I am.

Other than that, I worked on a heap of side projects. The paddle is nearing completion. I sanded the fillets and applied a 3″ strip of carbon-fiber on the tip for extra strength. I then applied a gel-coat of epoxy (thickened with colloidal silica) to the back of the blade and let it set up until it was tacky. I then stuck the last layer of carbon on to this surface and the tackiness held it in place and tight against the previous surface. This is an easy way to deal with highly curved surfaces which would otherwise be hard to get the fiber to conform to. I still had to wet out the carbon-fiber once it was stuck to the gel-coat.

I also applied some spandex fabric to my seat back foam using contact cement. I will do the same with the foam seat. I decided to reinforce the hatch with some cross-members, so I fit some strips of cedar into the span and epoxied them in place. Next, I cut out some foam supports for my roof rack. I used the appropriate stations from the strong-back to determine the shape of kayak at each support point and cut the foam to the exact shape.

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