Negro Bill Canyon

I went to Negro Bill Canyon this morning – its current name being a slightly more p.c. version than the original. The following is from Wikipedia:

The canyon was named after William Granstaff, a mixed-race cowboy, who prospected and ran cattle in the desert canyon in the late 1870s with a Canadian trapper named “Frenchie”. They took joint possession of the abandoned Elk Mountain Mission fort near Moab after 1877, and each controlled part of the Spanish Valley. Granstaff fled the area in 1881 after being charged with bootlegging whiskey to the Indians.

Today, it is known mostly for the Morning Glory arch, spanning 243 feet making it one of the 10 longest in the US. I was lucky enough to be at the arch when two different groups of canyoneers began rappelling down just behind the arch. Also, this time of year has all of the desert country around Moab in full bloom with spring flowers. The lack of wind in this canyon and beautiful weather made for a perfect time to photograph some.

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