No cure

Well, everything was going perfectly to plan until that last batch of epoxy. I’d run out of my standard stuff and had purchased some cheaper brand from a local boat repair place and I suspect that it might have been sitting on the shelf for a bit longer than it should have. I noticed some solids floating around in the mix and when I examined the can of resin, the inside of it was coated with similar solid bits. Not a good sign. I had used this stuff for the end pours and that batch seemed ok, but this last batch almost used up the last dregs from the cans and maybe it was contaminated. Either way, it still hasn’t cured after two days; it is still a bit tacky to the touch.

I had wanted to varnish it beginning yesterday and was hoping to get at least two coats on it before my trip to Maine, but alas, that won’t be happening. Did I mention my trip to Maine? If I haven’t, I have been very remiss since it has set a deadline of sorts for my kayak. I am going to attend a course called Elements of Coastal Kayaking II offered by the WoodenBoat School in Brooklin, Maine. The course begins on Sunday the 29th of August and it will take me two days to drive there. Add in another two nights in DC to visit my girlfriend on the way and you can see that I should leave tomorrow. In fact I am planning to leave tomorrow afternoon after a quick test of Maya in the Monongahela river a mere mile from my place in Pittsburgh. I will sort out any issues with uncured epoxy when I return. I am not too concerned, since she should be completely sealed from the previous two coats of epoxy. That, and this last coat is only tacky on about 1/4 of the boat and it is still pretty hard, just a bit sticky. I am actually hoping she will be cured by Monday, when she first gets a taste of salt water.

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