Over the hump

Today, I finished the interior taping. With that awful job done, the rest should be down hill. This side went easier than yesterday’s. I read up before starting and discovered that I should have wet the area to be ‘glassed with epoxy prior to rolling out the ‘glass. This definitely helped since it made the soaked ‘glass stick in place much better and also made it easier to smooth out. I also used a 1″ bristle brush on my stick today instead of a 2″ one which seemed to work better. Yesterday I had two long rolls, one going into each end and a third smaller roll to join the two in the middle. Today, I made the center roll (the one that I could easily reach) the longer one and the two end rolls (the ones I had to prod into place) shorter. It was a little more reasonable to manage this way.

With the epoxying done, I finished planing the paddle shaft and then rough sanded it with 50 grit paper. I followed with 80 grit paper and then wet the wood to raise the grain. Once dry, I will finish sand with 120 grit. With the rough sanding done, I could get a real sense of the shaft and I think it has a nice feel to it and a pleasing shape. I made the diameter larger than most shafts at a 1 3/16 by 1 3/8 inch oval. The larger size feels very comfortable in the hands and the paulownia is so light that the extra weight is nil. The skarf joint almost disappears and once under ‘glass this shaft should be strong as.

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