Pandora’s Toe

Corinne and I made a trip to Trinidad last weekend. We spent some time in Port of Spain for the wedding of one of Corinne’s friends which was quite an interesting spectacle – the perfect way to try to understand the multicultural nature of Trinidad. The groom was of Indian descent, the bride of African, Chinese and European descent, the priest was Dougla, half African, half Indian and there were people from all ethnicities in the reception, all dancing and singing to the wide variety of Trini music including calypso, chutney (a mix of Indian and calypso,) Indian tassa drummers and soca (a modern version of calypso.) The food, like the music and the people of Trinidad, is a wonderful mix of cultures. It was a great evening and I am glad to have witnessed it (I even danced if you can believe.) Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera.

We also went to Grande Riviére, a stretch of remote beach near the northeastern corner of Trinidad where there is a small fishing village and Mayaro on the east coast in the middle of former coconut plantations.

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