I didn’t post a blog yesterday. What can I say, I have a life (barely) outside of kayak building. Anyway I was taking advantage of the cosmopolitan aspects of Pittsburgh and went on a date last night and couldn’t be bothered updating the site afterward. So, I now have two days worth of work to describe, two rather productive days, if I might say so.

Before I could go any farther with the deck, I needed to install the pin-striping along the the curved cedar pieces. This was a rather simple affair. I had ripped some more wenge in my brother-in-law’s shop into tiny 1/8″ x 3/16″ strips for the pin-striping. Armed with a bundle of strips, I started gluing them along the length of the scallop curves. Once this was done, I could begin filling in the area between the shear strip and the scallop curve. Having two areas to work in (one in front and one in back) meant that I could work continuously, gluing in one strip while another was drying, etc. So yesterday, I finished all but two strips on the right side of the kayak. I finished those this morning and then proceeded to work on the left side of the kayak, beginning to bring it up to the same point as the right side.

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