Revised 3d kayak animation

Drag the image to animate it. It may take a few moments to load the images.

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I wasn’t completely happy with my transition from the high deck to the normal deck, so I decided to revise that.  I ended up making two continuous transition scallop surfaces that go around the cockpit on either side, rather than having four scallops that drop off the sides.  I think this looks more streamlined and should proved easier to build.  I also spent a bit of time trying to figure out my stripping pattern.  I am pretty happy with what I’ve come up with so far, but I am sure I will make some changes as I go.  Let me know what you think.

I did this animation manually by saving rendered image files from Rhino and using the same animation html script (provided by Google Sketchup) as last time.

My revisions required a few modifications to some of the stations.  Fortunately, most the changes involved material being removed, but I did have to add a few small bits of wood with epoxy to make up for some small deficiencies in a couple of stations:

modified profile

modified profile

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