Spray deck

Over the past few days, I have fallen into the routine of wet sanding the deck in the morning and applying a coat of varnish to it and then doing the same in the evening to the hull. During the day, I’ve been finishing up some of the various side-projects I had going such as the cradles and the spray deck.

I glued some doormat material onto the inside surface of the cradles using contact cement. I made sure to cut out holes for the mounting screws and slots for the straps. I then installed them onto the roof racks. Them seem to work quite well and are easy to put on/take off; I am anxious to see how they work.

I also finished sewing the bungee cord onto the spray deck and then attached the waist tube. I basically followed all of Duane Strosaker’s instructions on his very useful and informative site, with a few modifications of course. I added a clip to the pull loop in the front for hanging to it out to dry, etc. I also added removable suspenders to prevent the waist tube from inching downward over the course of a day of paddling. I reinforced all of the attachment points with iron-on black canvas I got at Jo-Ann fabrics. It fits very snugly as I wanted it to; I don’t expect it will leak even a drop of water – we’ll see…

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