The coaming lip

Once the coaming fiber-glass was cured, I started working on the coaming lip. I sanded the outside of the coaming to smooth out the fiber-glass and to make sure I would get a good bond with the laminations I was about to apply. A few weeks ago, a neighbor of mine in Pittsburgh had set out some wooden blinds by the curb side for anyone who wanted them. I took two of them and hung them in my windows, but I noticed that they were extra long. They are made of maple and the slats are about 3/32″ thick – ideal, I thought for laminating. So, today I removed a few slats from one of them and cut them to size and sanded off the finish that was on them. I decided to alternate the maple with some darker cedar. I happened to have some thin strips that came off the end of the board that I cut the rest of the strips from. I knew I had saved them for something.

I used epoxy to glue the laminations on. I started with a layer of cedar and then maple and then cedar again. I took a bit of a break and then applied two more layers and I plan a final one (maple) tomorrow. I ended up using every clamp I had. Once the epoxy cures, it should be rock hard. I’ll then have to smooth it down, round it over and apply a layer of ‘glass over it.

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  1. Hi I too will be starting a Kayak soon and am wondering if I can see all your posts starting from the beginning of the built.

    PS Boat looks great.

    1. Thanks Paul. I think you will enjoy building a boat – I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far. To see all of my kayak posts in order, go to my kayak page. I think you will get a real feel for the process. Feel free to ask any questions as well. Thanks for visiting!

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