The ends have no end.

Today, I finished fairing the deck. Additionally, I decided to fix a loose mitered joint in the rear end of the kayak where some of the wenge pin-striping did not fit tightly. I wasn’t happy with the way that joint looked and I also thought that the scallop curves ended abruptly. So I decided to fit in another pin-stripe to essentially cap the scallop curves and allow me to address the bad joint at the same time. I cut a slot wide enough for the wenge with a sharp knife and a straight edge and then carefully fitted a piece of pin-striping to fit. You’ll see the results in the photos. With that finished (it only took about an hour) I flipped the kayak over and began to fair the hull, starting with the block plane, followed by the scraper and finally the fairing board. After about five hours of work, I was exhausted, so the rest of the fairing of the hull will have to wait until tomorrow.

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