Time-Lapse Video: Deck Finished!!!

I made another time-lapse video on my Mac today using Gawker. It’s a little over four hours of work compressed into 50 seconds.

It seems that God was willing since I did finish the deck as I had hoped. I am going to leave the final strip taped overnight to make sure that the glue cures properly.

I have figured out that I have pretty much exactly one month of work in this so far. Time for a little celebration…

2 thoughts on “Time-Lapse Video: Deck Finished!!!

  1. Hey there Geoff, that’s an impressive piece of work. What a craftsman. Are you going to paddle it back here to NZ some day? How much will she weigh once finished?

    Cheers – Neil

  2. Neil, how are you? Thanks! I’ve considered exactly that possibility – what an adventure that would be! I think she should come in around 20-25kg depending on how many plies of fiberglass I use. They are usually significantly lighter than their plastic counterparts.

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