Utah Miscellany

A collection of photos from some random day-trips I made while in Utah – they really didn’t fit anywhere else.

Fisher Towers
Not far from Moab, the Fisher Towers thrust out of the desert like crumbling sandstone knife blades. The Titan is the tallest free-standing tower in the US at nearly 900 feet. I hiked a trail that skirted the base of the towers and led out along a ridge to a panoramic viewpoint where I took some photos at sunset – the red sandstone towers glowed like they were on fire.

I returned in relative darkness and encountered two climbers who had just summited the Titan. They had done it in one long day and were both pretty exhausted.

Newspaper Rock
After leaving Moab, heading for Page, I stopped at Newspaper Rock, a petroglyph site that had been used over many years and features many symbols or uncertain meaning. It is located along the road that leads to the Needles outpost of Canyonlands National Park.

Goosenecks State Park
Later that same day, I stopped for lunch in a diner in a veritable ghost town near Monument Valley. Anyway, the friendly lady who made my sandwich suggested that I stop by Goosenecks State Park which was only a few miles away. The wind was howling as pulled into the parking lot that overlooks the canyon of the San Juan River flowing hundreds of feet below. Over the millennia it had carved a deep meandering chasm into the rock of the Colorado plateau. There were three complete 180 degree meanders visible from that point, but the lady had told me there are seven in total. It was worth a brief visit.