Web-site Design

Regular readers of this site will notice the cosmetic changes I’ve made to the site over the past few weeks. My work on this site has piqued my interest in web-site design and development. Further to that end, I decided to revamp my other site Photographic-Sushi

New site

The site was originally hand-coded html, but I decided to modernize not only its look and feel, but also its architecture, so I created the new site in WordPress. I chose a different theme for it (Suffusion) than for this site (Hybrid) after some careful analysis. You’ll notice some similarities between it and the original Photographic-Sushi site and also this site. I used a similar menu structure to this site and also carried over a few of my favorite WordPress plugins. The biggest challenge was the header image. I still wanted to capture the essence of the name, but I wanted a much classier feel to it than the original site. I searched around the web for stock photos that would suit, but came up short. I had an idea in my mind, but no way to recreate it easily.

Original site

In the end, I decided to model the roll of film and chopsticks and render the header image. I considered using Google SketchUp and played around with a few models there before deciding it was too limited. I then turned to the beta version I have for Rhino V5 for Mac which I had used to model some changes and do some rendering for my kayak. The modeling proved to be moderately challenging, but my real struggle was getting the rendering to look realistic. The final result is pretty close to what I envisioned and I am pleased with the results.

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