Who is the fairest of the hull?

Today, I finished fairing the hull, finally. It was another five hours of work. I’ve decided to market a fitness routine called the “5 hour kayak workout you can do in your basement.” Based on the amount of sweat I generated, I think it’s a pretty good one, at least for the upper body (just like kayaking itself.)

I also did a little bit of filling with wood putty. Despite my best efforts to make every joint perfect, there were a few places that could use a little help. I followed Vaclav Stejskal’s (the designer of my kayak) advice from his website to use Durham’s Water Putty mixed with sawdust to match the color of the wood. I couldn’t find anywhere the ratio of putty powder to wood dust, so I used about a 1:1 ratio. Based on the way it started drying, I think I could have put more saw dust in since it seems to be rather light in color. I don’t know how this would effect the putty, though. Anyway, tomorrow I will sand it off and see the results…

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